1 How many days a week does she work part-time?

2 Something is wrong with this computer. It doesn’t work.

3 Wherever you go, do what you think is right.

4 Please don’t hesitate to stay in this room until he comes back.

5 What kind of music program[s] does she usually watch on TV?

6 We discussed the energy problem [the problem of energy] till late at night.

7 Please be sure to finish reading the book by tomorrow.

8 Have you ever seen the same movie[movies] more than once?

9 I didn’t really listen to what they were talking about then.

10 Let me know when you will leave here for America.

11 I decided to go home earlier than I had planned.

12 What’s the most expensive restaurant you have ever eaten at[in]?

13 He asked me the address and (the) phone number of the restaurant.

14 Don’t forget to invite her parents to dinner.

15 I’d like to thank her for her kindness and patience.

16 I don’t know how long it will take to finish the work. 

17 I have a lot of things to study to get ready for tomorrow.

18 It is common to hear people say such things.

19 Be careful never to make the same mistake again.

20 I suggest that you (should) take a taxi, because the museum is too far from here.

21 I have promised to see him at my office[at work] tomorrow. / I have an appointment to see him at my office tomorrow.

22 I would like you to give me a call as soon as you get back home.

23 It will take some time until you feel comfortable in a new place.

24 Even if it is true I can’t believe what you say.

25 As I am busy now, I’ll call you back in fifteen minutes.

26 What should I say in French when I want to thank someone?

27 Please be sure to post[mail] this letter on your way back from school.

28 Please say hello to your wife when she comes back tonight.

29 I was absent from school last Thursday because I had a bad[terrible] cold.

30 I have never heard him speak English.



1 その映画のもっともすばらしい点は美しい景色だった。

 The best part of the movie is its beautiful scenery.

2 マイペースで行くのもいいが、たまには他人のことも考えなくては。

  It’s all right to go your own way, but sometimes you have to think about others too.

3 天気予報によると雨は明朝にはやむとのことです。

 According to the weather forecast it will stop raining by tomorrow morning.

4 歌は私たちの生活に密接に結びついている。

 Songs are closely connected to our lives.



5 I don’t know anyone who is more considerate toward other people than Lucy.

6 Having people like her around me would be very helpful.

7 彼は自分の子供たちに他国の文化を尊重するように教えた。

 He taught his children to respect other countries’ cultures.

8 ヴァン・ゴッホの絵は彼が生きている間は評価されなかった。

 The art of Van Gogh was not appreciated[valued] while he was alive.

9 お金が足りなかったので帰るしかなかった。

  I was short of money, so I had no choice but to go home.

10 彼は空港に着いたらすぐ君に電話すると言っていた。

 He said that he would call you as soon as he arrived at the airport. で始める。

11 彼の小説は江戸時代の生活がどんなふうだったかを生き生きと描いている。

 His novel vividly describes[depicts, portrays] how people lived in the Edo period. / His novel vividly describes what life was like in the Edo period.

12 よい人間関係を持っている人の方が、健康でかつ長生きする傾向がある。

 Those who have good relationships with others tend to be more healthy and live longer.

13 最近、お年寄りに席を譲らない若者が多い。

  Many young people don’t offer[give, give up] their seats to elderly people these days.

14 彼らは他人に対する思いやりに欠ける自己中心的な人間である。

 They are selfish people who lack consideration for others.

15 休日にあんなにお金を使わなければよかった。

  If only I hadn’t spent so much money on our holiday.

16 私の一番好きな先生が、ここで経済学を勉強することをすすめてくれました。

  My favorite teacher recommended that I (should) study economics here.




1 This time next year, she will be enjoying her college life very much.

2 Recently, the number of violent crimes has been on the rise, so we can no longer say that Japan is a safe country.

3 It was because her favorite uncle was a judge that she decided to study law at university.

4 Though his salary is half as large as it was, he can make the most of his artistic abilities here.

5 What I remember best about my childhood is that I used to climb up a tall tree in front of my grandparents’ house.

6 People eat even if they are not told to. I wonder why food companies spend a lot of money on advertisements.

7 The most important thing I learned in France was to realize how ignorant I was about Japan.

8 There are no signs so far that the Japanese economy will recover.

9 He does not really want to do that, but if you insist, he will do it.

10 British people want to live in a house with a garden, however small the garden may be, and to enjoy gardening on weekends. want to live in a house with a garden and enjoy gardening on weekends, however small the garden may be の語順の方がすっきりする。

11 In Japan, it is impossible to imagine a life without vending machines, but is it all right to waste so much electricity? imagine life withoutにするべき。

12 If we realize this project, there will not be a distinct difference between humans and machines any longer.

13 It is regrettable that there are many people who ignore the announcement to turn off cell phones. announcement to turn… というto不定詞は間違い。announcement that they must turn off… というようにthat節にするべき。また、turn off their cell phonesの方がよい。

14  Computers have made it possible to work at home (instead of going to the office), but as a result some people have to work longer than before.

15 As he called back immediately, I found how interested he was in this plan.

16 I always give my uncle an expensive tie for his birthday, but this year I gave him a hand-knit sweater instead, because I couldn’t afford the tie. → afford the tietheがとてもひっかかる。そういう冠詞の微妙さに悩むよりは、I always give my uncle an expensive tie for his birthday, but this year I couldn’t afford to, so I gave him a… の順にしたほうがすっきりする。

17 As I have been studying Italian for half a year, next time I go to Italy, I want to go shopping at the market where the local people gather. →副詞節を2個重ねないで、As I have… , I want to go… next time I go to Italy. にしたほうがいい。

18 It is not until you quit smoking that you realize the danger of passive smoking.

19 Haruko is thinking back to a winter day three years ago. She was in bed with a cold, and her mother was preparing dinner in the kitchen.

20 My husband doesn’t complain about my cooking, but in fact I am sure he believes he is better at cooking than I am.

21 The continuous increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has been causing global warming.

22 If we try to make our daily lives more convenient and comfortable, our consumption of energy will naturally increase.

23 Since many college students have lost their lives because of excessive drinking, you should give up the idea that drinking is a passport into the world of adults. 

24 If we are told that we can do anything we like, we will find that there are not so many things we really want to do.

25 I would rather stay at home and relax than go sightseeing in such a crowd of people.

26 Every time they solved a problem, they faced a new one. However, their f

27 When we had a light meal and were about to leave the restaurant, a young couple who were formally dressed came in.

28 Today the richest country is about four hundred times as rich as the poorest country. This big difference is mainly due to the development of technology.

29 Computers are changing our lives in a way that was unimaginable before. However, their convenience doesn’t necessarily make us happy.

30 I don’t subscribe to the opinion that women should stay at home and take care of children.

31 If you intend to study abroad, begin to make preparations as soon as possible.

32 He checked the time, and left the room as secretly as possible so that no one would notice him.

33 I became absorbed in a novel which was translated recently, and forgot to make a phone call to a friend of mine.





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